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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is AppGirl? AppGirl creates apps that help companies stay connected and engaged with their networks. Our apps are informative, gorgeous and professional apps. Building your apps in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. We'll do all the programming, and you'll have full control of your content AppGirl: Test It Before You Own One.
  • Which Platform does AppGirl Support? AppGirl supports iOS (Apple's mobile platform) and Android (Google's mobile platform). When you build one app with AppGirl, you can publish native app versions for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad using iOS version 8.0 and higher as well as for every variety of Android smartphones or tablets running OS 4.1 and higher. Please note that performance may vary on older Android devices using version 4.x.x. Our native iPad version is currently in beta but is available upon request
  • Where are AppGirl Apps Hosted? AppGirl is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers.
  • What happens when Azure servers are down? All apps will still function properly. It may not be possible to make any changes during server downtime. This is an exceptionally rare occurrence. 
  • Do you have documentation about AppGirl? If you're reading this you've already found it! You can find extensive documentation about our design and more  AppGirl features and other functionality on our Site.
  • How long does it take to see my app live in the App Store?  iPhone apps will be reviewed by Apple within 8-10 working days.  Android apps will be available in the Google Play Store after 1-3 working days.
  • Who owns the app? We build the app, you add the content, and you’re responsible for that content. We submit the app under your own developer licenses for iOS and Google Play. AppGirl, however, will not provide you with the source code for the app as this is AppGirl's intellectual property.
    1. Ultimately the app exists of two parts: the source code used as the app's foundation and the content that you, the user, have added. The content that you have added is yours and we make no claims to that. This includes any photos, text, or data (excluding AppGirl helpful tabs content). The code that the app has been built with remains AppGirl's intellectual property. This means that you can't make any claims on that code.
    2. Questions of ownership also arise when people want to know where the money for paid apps (apps that are sold in the stores for a fee) goes. AppGirl does not lay claim on any app revenue streams. As long as your name is the publisher of the app then the profits from selling the app in the app stores and, revenue streams from products sold in-app, and ads (such as AdMob etc.) go to you. The apps are published by your iOS and Google Play Developer licenses. AppGirl will be shown as being the developer. 
  • Is there a chat feature available in AppGirl? We do not currently offer a chat feature on the AppGirl platform. We may develop one but there is currently no set release date for this feature. 
  • Which app store can AppGirl be published to? AppGirl can be published to the
    • Apple App Store (iOS) 
    • Google Play Store (Android)
  •  App store acceptance: We make no guarantee as to the continuing availability of access to our services through these distribution channels. Google Play and the Apple App Store are owned and controlled by Google and Apple, respectively.  Both Google and Apple unconditionally reserve the right to reject or remove apps from these stores for any reason at any time without notice. In the event that accessing our services through these channels becomes unavailable, we will provide an alternative way to distribute your app in a safe way.
  • Is it possible to access or use the phone's camera in the app? There are currently two ways that you can access the camera: the contact Form tab and the Form (Beta) tab. These tabs allow you to add a picture to a form and email it. You can access the phone's photo library or the camera while using this feature.
  • Is there a login feature available on the AppGirl platform?
    •  Login: We added the ability to let users login inside your app, and based on their account you can show the appropriate content. To do so you will be given a number of options: You already have a database containing users accounts and you can connect to your database (via the Back Office) to validate the account credentials; You can use the new User registration features to let users login into your app, so we will provide an all-in-one solution where we take care of everything for you; Users can use their existing social networks - such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and also LinkedIn and Salesforce, to login to your app;
    • User registration: We also offer user registrations, where users will be able to register themselves from within your app. You can ask for basic information such as their name, email address and password but also some more detailed information about their gender, age-range and so on.
    • Access management: With the ability to let users log in to your app you can also show content inside your app based on their access level and their authorization. In this way, you can show users their own information from your own database. "Authorization Level" option in our Lock block is Available! 
    • Push messages: After users have logged in to the app, you will also be able to send push messages to an entire community, a single user or to users in categories. 
  • When must an existing app be re-approved by the app stores? If there are changes in the store’s information, we must publish a new version of the app. These include a new app icon, a new springboard title, a different splash screen. 
  • Can I put my app in the app stores for a fee (as a paid app)?  If you wish to publish your app to the app stores as a paid app, please contact us with the following subject: "Publishing - [app name] [app number]" when publishing your app. There are a couple of things that you will have to take into account before publishing a paid app to the stores.
  • Do apps work without a data (internet) connection? Apps you make with AppGirl keep functioning without a data connection. Without a connection, the app will show you all the data that is cached on the device. After starting the app, it will try to make a connection to our servers to check for updates. Small updates are downloaded in the background and do not require user interaction. With a store update, the user sees a pop-up asking if they want to download the new version of the app now or later.
  • What happens to the app if I cancel my paid subscription? AppGirl requires an active subscription to keep apps live. Once the subscription has been canceled and the active subscription period has expired, the app will be made unavailable.
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