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CV-19 School Relief: NO First Year Subscription!

In this video, Principal Pete compares flu season at his school to the film ‘Outbreak’. Though this video was published several months prior to the current CV-19 pandemic, we understand that levity regarding this matter can be insensitive. We apologize to anyone that may have been offended by our video’s content. 


AppGirl’s stance regarding lowering the spread of germs and viruses through paperless communications, however, has not changed. We must all do our part to share information and communicate in ways that limit unnecessary contact with potential germ-carrying materials. 


Markita J. Hickenbottom

President and CEO, AppGirl

I really love this application, I find it easy to be alerted fast with the push notifications. Its awesome to be able to utilize all the tools without leaving the app. My children love it!! Thanks AppGirl!

Kathleen Gillespie, Principal

We had a great experience using the app this year. Using the app allowed us to go paperless and save some trees. The app was easy to use on our end and I was able to add our information anytime as needed. We love the push notification feature as it allows us to inform parents immediately of messages … parents like it as well!  [The AG team has] been very helpful in creating this app with us and adding/removing pages when necessary. 

I really enjoy using this app, it keeps me connected with all of my kids activities in school. It also helps me communicate with my kids teachers as well. When my wife and I are too busy and out of the loop about anything that’s going on in our kids school, we just go to the app and we’re able to get information and we can chat with the faculty without any problems. I like this app for my wife and I, it’s very helpful with us being active in their schools activities as well as eases our mind being able to monitor everything that is happening in their school while we’re at work. This is a good app, and it also has a good presentation and easy to use format I recommend this app.



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Now that accessing school resources is even easier than excuses, there's no shortage of Honor Roll students. Honor Roll trophy stashes, however, have dwindled . . .

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School's Website 
Your School Spirit


Parents   e-sign      Trip Slips and School Forms from their phones.

Now that e-signing school forms is even easier than excuses, some parents have been mistaking e-signatures for autographs. Prima donnas...

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Integrate Your School's Website Resources and Portals.


 Unlimited School Messages. 

Parents are a lot more involved now that getting School Messages is so easy. So thePTA "meeting" was more like a PTA retreat. There were s'mores and trust exercises. It's gone on for weeks...

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But your Paper Supplier wonders why you haven't called; and if you ever think about him anymore.


Excuse Proofing isn't even expensive.

Some schools pay             a student ... that's, like, two Pretzel Days.


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